Feniton Flood Warden Scheme

Feniton has a volunteer flood warden scheme which was set up by the Parish Council following the floods of 2008 and 2012.

It is organised by the volunteer flood warden co-ordinators Jayne Blackmore and Susie Bond.

Feniton suffers from surface water run-off from the surrounding hills and the main role of the flood wardens is to keep a watchful eye on strategic points in the village where flooding starts, to shut strategic roads when necessary, keep drains clear of debris during periods of heavy rainfall, and ensure that there is a sufficient supply of sandbags and sand in the village.

It currently has 25 volunteers who respond to flood alerts sent out by text message.

If you would like to join the volunteer flood wardens (and the more the merrier!), please contact either of the co-ordinators:

Jayne Blackmore, 01404 850964, jblackmore34@gmail.com
Susie Bond, 01404 850208, nandsbond@btinternet.com

Feniton Flood Alleviation Scheme

After years of flooding from surface water run-off, Feniton is in the process of benefiting from the implementation of a flood alleviation scheme. The £1.6 million project is being constructed in four phases:

Phase 1: Channel around Metcombe and Sweethams (complete)

Phase 2: Mitigation measures on properties south of Patteson’s Cross (complete)

Phase 3: Balfour Beatty to construct pipe under the railway line (late 2016)

Phase 4: Pipework and channels to link the whole system from the field behind Mount View, behind Louvigny Close, through the QEII play area, down Warwick Close, across Wells Avenue, across the corner of Beechwood Farm, under the railway (phase 3), across the Long Park orchards and across the paddock to meet the channel behind Metcombe (scheduled 2017)

Videos showing the extensive problems Feniton has faced with flooding can be found below: