Feniton faces “very real threat” of flooding without rapid change By Exeter Express and Echo | Posted: October 01, 2014

Feniton faces “very real threat” of flooding without rapid change
By Exeter Express and Echo | Posted: October 01, 2014
flood piccy
Flooding in Feniton (Photo by Lucie Simic)

East Devon District Council has warned that there is a “very real threat” to Feniton becoming more vulnerable to flooding if a developer does not “urgently” comply with a condition of its approval of 50 homes.
Meanwhile, ward member for Feniton and Buckerell Councillor Susie Bond has branded Wainhomes as having “blatant disregard” for breaking the condition in its failure to install two attenuation tanks near the development on Louvigny Close, for surface water run-off to relieve flooding.
Due to an overloaded sewerage network and surface water from surrounding fields, some residents in the village have, over the years, been forced out of their homes due to flooding for months on end.
And some residents as recently as the end of September were flooded again with raw sewerage rising up through the drains.
Residents and councillors claim their village has been “under siege” from developers, with a so-called super inquiry in January seeing the district council fighting three appeals for a total of more than 200 homes, winning two but losing one for 32 homes.
An East Devon District Council spokesman confirmed that officials have written to the developers and instructed them to “correct the omission as a matter of urgency”.
The spokesman confirmed that if Wainhomes fails to act quickly enough, the next step is to issue them with a breach of condition notice and there are more severe sanctions that could be considered if this notice is ignored.
“It’s extraordinarily complacent,” said Cllr Bond. “This is the most incredible indifference to people’s lives when people are being flooded.
“It’s outrageous and is a blatant disregard for the conditions that have been placed on them.”
The district council spokesman added: “The homes should not have been occupied until this condition had been fulfilled. While the homes themselves may not be at risk, there is a very real danger that Wainhomes’ failure to do this work could make the village more vulnerable to flooding as a result of the absence of the attenuation tanks.
“This is a very serious omission and we will be watching the situation closely and expecting an early response from Wainhomes.”
Wainhomes had not responded to the Echo’s request for comment at the time of going to press.


Wainhomes – anything but watertight

Fight for Feniton Report

Quite extraordinary revelations have come to light concerning the Wainhomes site.

We reported last month on their intention to build a further 31 houses, i.e. to extend their current site for 50 houses won at appeal in 2012. The plans were available in their site office. The company was brazenly open about their intentions to build on land set aside for the proposed community building, the allotments for the new houses and the site where the attenuation tanks were to be placed. (These large underground tanks were to store floodwater to help protect the village, once the fields had been concreted over.) An application for these 31 houses is likely to be submitted in the next few weeks.

When he granted approval for the 50 houses currently under construction, the Planning Inspector, Ken Barton, placed a series of conditions on the site, to which Wainhomes were required to adhere. These were not optional; they were mandatory. Without these conditions, the Inspector would not have allowed the appeal, and without those conditions being carried through in full, Wainhomes would not have been allowed to build. Simple as that?

Not really. The most important condition, given Feniton’s long and well-documented history of flooding, was the condition which stated that “No building hereby permitted shall be occupied until surface water drainage works have been implemented in accordance with details that have been submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority.” In other words, the attenuation tanks which were to have held surface water had to be installed before any of the houses were occupied. There are currently half a dozen houses currently occupied. It would appear that Wainhomes has no intention of installing the attenuation tanks: unbelievably, they are seemingly proposing to forget all these obligations and just build more houses where the tanks were to be placed!

If you would like a copy of the 2012 appeal decision, email fightforfeniton@gmail.com. It is vital that those of us on the ground ensure that Wainhomes complies to the letter with all 12 conditions. We will be updating the Fight for Feniton website once more details are known about the Wainhomes proposal, and will be setting out how people can protest. In the meantime don’t forget to check Susie Bond’s blog (www.susiebond.co.uk), Claire Wright’s blog (claire-wright.org/index.php) and Feniton Parish Council’s website (fenitonparishcouncil.wordpress.com).

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