Wainhomes – again treats Feniton with contempt

In October 2014 WH was served a Breach of Condition Notice by EDDC for having failed to install the attenuation tanks it was required to, in order to mitigate flooding in Feniton. The developer’s cynical attempt to evade its responsibilities even made it to BBC’s The One Show. Eighteen months later, and EDDC has had to issue another Breach of Condition notice, this time because WH has failed to landscape the site in Feniton as required. This isn’t just about making the estate look less like a building site. It’s also about installing flood defence measures (swales) – WH has effectively dug ditches instead, which simply channel runoff off the estate, and onto the nearby children’s play area. As a result the play area is polluted by silt after heavy rainfall, the swings have had to be taken down for safety reasons, and it’s Feniton that has to pick up the tab, since it’s the Parish Council that has to pay for the cleanup each time. (The Parish Council has decided to put the swings back up so children can use the area over the Easter break, but clearly it’s a risk that the swings’ll have to come down again if the site floods once more.)

A Breach of Condition notice is always a last resort, and clearly EDDC’s patience has finally run out. But this kind of behaviour seems about par for the course, for WH. This January WH was believed to be in breach of another development, in Tavistock, when approved employment land disappeared from their plans, and allotments were moved (http://www.tavistock-today.co.uk/article.cfm?id=411530&headline=Possible%20breach%20%20in%20agreement%20on%20homes%20investigated&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2016)


It’s unlikely that WH will jump to it and rediscover where it last left its conscience, so in the meantime Feniton must hope that it doesn’t rain too hard. Meantime EDDC, district and Feniton taxpayers will have to meet the cost of issuing and enforcing this latest Notice.


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