Wainhomes is notorious locally for being the developer that puts profits before people, fat cats before flooding, and shareholders before shame.
Their failure to adhere to planning conditions for their housing estate in Feniton has been well documented, including on national TV. But brazenly, Wainhomes once again has refused its honour its obligations – this time in respect of its requirement to landscape the derelict areas on the Feniton site. And in the meantime, profits are being made as residents are made to pay an annual fee to enjoy these ‘landscaped’ vistas!
East Devon District Council has finally run out of patience with the developer that likes to say “give us your money and just go away”.
The full text of EDDC’s letter – printed in Cllr Susie Bond’s blog at https://susiebond.wordpress.com/2015/09/18/eddc-takes-a-firm-stand-against-wainhomes/ — gives Wainhomes until 4 December 2015 to implement measures required to improve the site, measures that Wainhomes signed up to, and which in both law and honour it is obliged to carry out.
We wait with bated breath to see if Wainhomes will do the right thing, or if it will continue to treat the community of Feniton with the contempt it has displayed consistently over the years.
We previously observed that estate agents Fulfords had been reduced to desperate measures to try to sell a two-bedroomed flat on the Wainhomes estate. As we reported, the Fulfords advertisement in the local press of 22 July tried to convey an air of excitement by creating the impression that it was the last chance to buy this “luxury two-bedroomed coach house”.
 Coach house, Winchester Park
Two months later and panic is setting in. This time Fulfords is advertising the property again in the local free paper, only this time the small advertisement at the foot of the page – has Fulfords all but given up? – describes the property as a “Two Bedroom Converted Coach House”.
‘Converted’ from what? Presumably from the high quality farming land that used to grace the outskirts of Feniton village!

One thought on “WAINHOMES? – NO SHAME HOMES!

  1. I wonder if Fulfords have notified any clients that purchased through them that there will not be any landscaping or play areas as advertised. If I was selling their houses I wouldn’t be very happy with them.

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