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“Feniton is facing growth of over 40% as three developers
argue the case to build on open countryside.
This is not ‘sustainable development’
by any stretch of the imagination, and the outcome at
Feniton will have repercussions for many countryside
communities facing the same threats” Shaun Spiers,
Chief Executive, Campaign for Rural England

Feniton’s ‘Super Inquiry’ 

The Planning Inspectorate agreed with EDDC that the fate of Feniton’s green spaces should be heard at one giant Super Inquiry. This event took place at the FlyBe Academy, Exeter Airport, in January 2014. A public forum as part of the Inquiry was held in the village on the evening of 15 January and attracted over 250 villagers united in their opposition to plans that would have turned Feniton into a town.
See here for daily reports on how the Inquiry went: www.susiebond.co.uk
Remember, the Inquiry was held to decide if developers Wainhomes, Strategic Land Partnerships and Feniton Park Ltd should be allowed to build up to 235 houses on greenfield sites surrounding the village. This, on top of the 50 houses Wainhomes is already building, would mean a further 285 homes, the cumulative effect of which will be to increase our flood-stricken and unsustainable village by over 40%.

FFF/EDA Demo Jan 2014